All There is to Know About Premium Alaska Whitefish


The various whitefish varieties that exist in the waters off of Alaska's coastline include halibut, cod, black cod, sole, and pollock. Although these species command more humble prices on the market than Alaska salmon and crab, that is not to say that they are somehow less in stature. To the contrary, whitefish comprise one of the most important building blocks in the Alaska seafood industry as they represent (in the case of species such as pollock) the largest portion of the overall seafood harvest and they have considerable nutritional properties. Furthermore, whitefish varieties are more available on a regular basis and therefore represent the perfect option for serving up a healthy and well-balanced dinner any time of the year, no matter where you live in the country.

There are, as with every fishery in Alaska, very strict controls which are imposed upon whitefish harvesting operations. There are only three accepted forms of fishing for whitefish in Alaska, and those would be with pots (resting on the ocean floor) many whitefish species dwell), with longlines, and trawls (nets that are dragged through the water though rarely, if ever , along the ocean floor as that causes excessive habitat damage). Some of the lowest levels of bycatch are registered when fishing for whitefish varieties in Alaska, and that makes it one of the friendliest and most ecologically sound species to buy. In all cases, whitefish caught in Alaska is always of the highest quality and absolutely wild and pristine.

Whitefish is an excellent dinner ingredient and, with the exception of black cod (which has a surprisingly robust and pungent flavor, though only for true seafood lovers), whitefish is exceptionally mild and smooth in flavor with a magnificent flaky texture. Halibut, for example, is known as the "steak of seafood" due to its texture and ability to serve as a perfect canvas for the cook to work wonders upon. In the case of black cod, there happens to be even higher concentrations of omega fatty acids than in the case of salmon, which is widely considered the king of omegas! All of which goes to show that there's no way to mess things up when changing one of the many whitefish varieties to serve your family.

Source by Allie Moxley

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