Alaska King Crab Fishing Season

The Alaska King Crab season approximately starts from October to January and there’s nothing more a crustacean lover could ask for. Each season on Dutch harbor, Alaska, around 250 fishing boats costing several million dollars made especially for crab hunting would come in search of the Alaskan Red King Crab. The Red King Crab is the largest of the crab species and is highly valued for its meat. It has become a delicacy around the world and hence the most lucrative catch.

In Alaska, three varieties of King Crabs are caught commercially with different harvesting seasons. U.S. Red King Crab is mostly found in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska and is the most prized out of the three. The Blue King Crab is mostly found in the St. Matthew Island and the Pribilof Islands whereas the Golden King Crab is mostly found in the Aleutian Islands. Another variety called the Scarlet King Crab is a rare variety and although the meat is sweet and tasty it is not considered commercially feasible. Read more

Eating and Preparing Healthy Shellfish at Home

[ad_1] Alaska salmon may be a household name, but there are many species that come from the oceans and waterways of Alaska that are considered not only delicacies, but some of the best seafood specimens in the world! One variety of seafood that is often overlooked when it comes to preparing food at home is […]

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Knowing What to Look for When Shopping for Salmon

[ad_1] The days of "meat & potatoes" as a heavily recurring dinner theme are over and done with: these days people want lighter, tastier, and generally healthy dining alternatives that can be had without too much cost or work. In this gradual evolution of our dieting habits, many people have turned towards seafood as a […]

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Protecting and Preserving Natural Resources Like Seafood in Alaska

[ad_1] Sometimes, a natural resource can become a central pillar to a thriving economy. This could not be truer of the seafood industry in the US state of Alaska. With thousands of Alaska's residents either participating in or depending on the seafood industry, not only the fish have a vested interest in protecting their specific […]

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The Excitement of Salmon Season in Alaska

[ad_1] One of the most diverse varieties of seafood, salmon is seen everywhere, from atop salads and inside wraps, to the pages of 5-star restaurants' menus. For taste and texture, salmon tops most lists of quality fish. In addition, nothing nails the dieting dilemma for a great tasting, incredibly healthy, nutritious dish quite like fresh, […]

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All There is to Know About Premium Alaska Whitefish

[ad_1] The various whitefish varieties that exist in the waters off of Alaska's coastline include halibut, cod, black cod, sole, and pollock. Although these species command more humble prices on the market than Alaska salmon and crab, that is not to say that they are somehow less in stature. To the contrary, whitefish comprise one […]

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The Commitment of Alaska to a Sustainable Seafood Catch For the Future

[ad_1] Polling the high seas has been a difficult task through history, from the days when pirates looted the ships of empires to today's version of ransom-seeking renegades seizing oil tankers and other cargo. Frankly, there are no firm borders to cross and no simple way to inspect ships and prosecute business on water. However, […]

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Alaskan Fish Species Are Low in Calories, High in Nutrition

[ad_1] Atkin's, South Beach, the Zone. Fad diets come and go, but doctors and nutritionists will always agree that a diet low in calories and rich in nutrition, combined with a regular exercise regimen, is the best method for sustainable weight loss. Fresh Alaska seafood is the perfect staple for such a diet. Most of […]

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Eating Smart Means Eating Alaska Seafood

[ad_1] Calories are the principal concern of any person going on a diet: they represent the bulk of what we eat, and they determine how much overall energy we have, and how many calories we eat will determine how much of that energy will be stored in fat deposits.  Choosing foods with balanced levels of […]

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Try Broiled Lemon Thyme Pollock For an Easy, Healthy Meal

[ad_1] If your goal is to start eating healthy this year, a good way to start is by incorporating more fish into your diet. The cold, clean rivers and oceans in Alaska provide some of the tastiest and most nutritious fish in the world. Alaska seafood is full of things that are good for you, […]

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More Fish in Your Diet Means Health Benefits For Now and the Future

[ad_1] More important than the quest for beauty will always be the quest for good health, and that is something that simply can not be changed. Thankfully, many people are aware of that small detail by now, and in today's modern, information-driven environment it is becoming increasingly easy for ordinary folks to get their hands […]

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