Eating Smart Means Eating Alaska Seafood


Calories are the principal concern of any person going on a diet: they represent the bulk of what we eat, and they determine how much overall energy we have, and how many calories we eat will determine how much of that energy will be stored in fat deposits.  Choosing foods with balanced levels of calories is very important, and fish calories fit the diet-conscious eater’s bill just perfectly.  A typical serving of wild Alaskan fish-whether it’s salmon, cod, halibut, or pollock-has fewer calories than an equal serving of red meats or even white meats like pork or chicken, while also being richer in other nutrients like proteins and the ever-important Omega fatty acids (particularly Omega 3s and Omega 6s).

To give a few species that contain some of the lowest levels of fish calories, among the many tasty kinds being harvested in Alaskan waters, it is worth mentioning cod, pollock, sole, and rockfish.  All of these fish have less than 120 calories per serving (calculated at 3.5oz of cooked meat), which makes them ideal for people looking to control their calorie intake without sacrificing taste from their diet.  Even the species of fish with higher doses of calories per serving-like Black cod and King salmon-at around 250 calories are still a good bet, since they have virtually none of the undesirable “empty calories” that help make your body put on weight. 

The benefits of eating fish on a more regular basis are simply too many and too significant to pass up in favor of a more common beef-, pork-, or chicken-dominated diet.  To really get the most out of this dietary style, it is important to properly cook the fish, removing excess fat and/or letting it drip out of the dish as it melts (as in on the grill or on a raised metal rack in the oven).  Accompany it with lots of veggies instead of lots of carbohydrates to really help deliver the full impact of this dietary method.  And, as long as you know you are getting the nutritionally-superior and delicious products of the sustainable Alaskan fishing industry, you know that your fish calories are going to be more than reasonable, and that your health will be looking for an upturn as long as you continue eating in this intelligent way.

Source by Allie Moxley

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