Enjoy Fresh Alaska Salmon This Summer Season


Anyone who considers themselves a seafood connoisseur is probably aware that seafood, just like many other naturally harvested food items, has its seasons. Even if you're just getting started on a career as an at-home, expert, seafood chef, picking up on the various varieties of available fresh Alaskan seafood and their "seasons" will keep your dinners delicious and nutritious. When it comes to the various varieties of Alaskan salmon, there is no better time to buy, and of course eat and enjoy, than during summer salmon season.

Salmon, as it happens, were quite influential in the Alaskan push for statehood, and language was written right into the state Constitution to utilize, develop and maintain fish from Alaskan waters in a sustainable way. In the late 1950s, Alaska salmon populations dwindled to a dangerously low 25 million fish, but with careful planning and sustainability practices have rebounded to over 175 million. This recovery was thanks to the many sustainability policies implemented by the government, including emphasizing in-season harvesting. Today, salmon lovers eagerly await the summer salmon season to get a hold of prime, wild, fresh Alaska Salmon.

When fish are allowed to mature in the wild, icy, pure waters of Alaska, it greatly improves their taste and nutritional value as a food. There are several types of salmon that are harvested from the Alaskan waters. King, or Chinook salmon is enjoyed for its lovely deep pink coloring, firm texture, and tasty flesh, and have a higher oil content than other salmon varieties. Sockeye, or Red salmon, are enjoyed for their rich flavor and dramatic deep red color that remains even once cooked, while the Coho, or Silver salmon has orange to red flesh, and a more delicious flavor. The Pink, or Humpback salmon is lighter still in color, the flesh appearing as rosy pink, the Keta or Chum salmon orange-pink, both noted for their delicious flavor. In order to find Alaska salmon at its peak with the best, purest flavors and bright colors, it is essential to pay attention to the seasons, and try to coincide buying with the summer salmon season.

While King salmon can be harvested all year, the other, less common varieties of Alaskan salmon are limited to the months between May and October. The various species have seasons beginning and ending at staggered intervals through this time, so to be sure of finding the best in-season value, summer salmon season shoppers should aim to buy in the months of July to September. Luckily, summer salmon season coincides with the time of year when salmon can be most enjoyed, whether grilled as part of an outdoor cookout, or atop a refreshing summer…

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