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Eating healthy is all the fad these days, and though there have been many comically tragic results to this trend (the bizarre regimens are as varied as they are lurid), there have also been positive results, notable amongst which is the increased popularity of Alaskan salmon at home as well as abroad.

Eating Alaskan salmon is not only healthy for you; it's also healthy for the planet, as the standards that reign over the Alaskan fishing industry are much more conscientiously calculated to reserve the marine ecosystems being handled than the case for just about any other fishing industry in the world. That means you can rest assured that, when eating Alaskan seafood, you're not doing harm to a major natural resource, but rather promoting the responsible and sustainable use of the same. What's more, learning how to make smoked salmon is super simple!

A favorite among salmon eaters is smoked salmon, and the process of how to make smoked salmon is remarkably straight forward. If you're going for the cold smoking technique, you'll be looking at a few days of smoking, depending on the firmness of texture you're looking for; If you're going for the more expeditious hot smoking method, you'll be wrapping up the process in a matter of hours (generally 3 to 5, depending on the proxies to the smoldering chips within the smoke house or smoke box). Always choose quality wood chips, and do not set for the brush you gathered in your backyard last month.

As far as how to season salmon-assuming you've got fresh, Unsmoked salmon on the menu-the upside is that the suave flavor makes it a great medium for trying a whole lot of different ingredients. Traditionally, minimally illustrated dishes have been the most successful: take plain old grilled salmon with a little salt and lemon … a delight! Whatever you choose, make sure the salmon is "shining through" and not getting lost in a maze of complex flavors. Personally, I find that spiciness is a great way to enhance the richness of the flavor of salmon.

The most important concept when it comes to how to fry salmon or how to grill it, is that you do not want to dry out the middle of the flesh: the flesh towards the outside (whether filleted or whole salmon) should turn a pale pink, whereas the middle should remain the same dark pink as when raw. Although some people are initially taken aback by this trick, almost everyone with a discriminating pallet immediately comes to understand the importance of this rule on how to treat salmon.

Make sure that, when eating fresh salmon, you accompany it with other fresh ingredients to really achieve a strong impression on the taste buds. Healthy portions are…

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