The Excitement of Salmon Season in Alaska


One of the most diverse varieties of seafood, salmon is seen everywhere, from atop salads and inside wraps, to the pages of 5-star restaurants' menus. For taste and texture, salmon tops most lists of quality fish. In addition, nothing nails the dieting dilemma for a great tasting, incredibly healthy, nutritious dish quite like fresh, wild, Alaska salmon. Anyone who ever wonders exactly where all the best, most lovely and delicious salmon comes from, need look no further than the icy cold waters off the coast of our Nation's 49th state.

The only US state to boast coastlines on three different seas, the Bering Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, it's no wonder that 50% of US seafood production hails from Alaska. The Alaskan seafood industry is known throughout the world, not only for the superior quality of its products, but its standard-setting sustainability practices. The careful regulations placed on the seafood industry are what make occasions like the summer salmon season so exciting for salmon fanatics each year. Producing the functionality of sustainability measures, the salmon harvest has been producing record records of salmon each year, showing a vital and flourishing salmon population.

Sustainability became a buzzword in the Alaska seafood industry when measures for protecting not only salmon, but all Alaskan marine populations were included in the Alaskan Constitution. In 1959 when the salmon harvest dropped to around 25 million, Alaskans knew that steering the course would result in disaster. Policies regarding pollution, harvesting, and environmental impact were put into effect, and today the salmon harvest routinely falls just shy of 200 million. For 50 years time that is quite a turn around, and proof that human impact can be a positive influence.

Today, the salmon harvest is hauled in by three basic methods, trolling, gillnetting, and purse seining. Each method has been fine-tuned and perfected to minimize destructive factors like by-catch, and destruction of vital habitats on the ocean floor. These fresh, wild, salmon cait off the icy waters of Alaska are renowned for their health benefits, delicious taste, firm texture, vibrant color, and richness in Omega-3 fatty acids. The Alaska salmon harvest yields a variety of types of salmon, including King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon, Keta Salmon, and Pink Salmon. When looking for fresh Alaska salmon in the grocery store or at a specialty seafood market, be sure to inquire about the fish's origin before buying, and what characteristics to expect from the texture and flavor. This small amount of effort will make lots of difference when it comes time to…

Source by Allie Moxley

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